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Welcome to A.G.H.C.O. Website

Welcome To Afghan German Help Coordanition Office(AGHCO)
Welcome To Afghan German Help Coordanition Office(AGHCO)
The main oobjective of the organization are to implement relief programs and rehablitate the economic and social infrastructure in Afghanistan and facilitate the resettlement of health, constraction of public buildings, errigation,potable water supply, constructoin of roads,bridges and culverts, sanitation and income generation programs for both men and women.

Previous Activities
Health: With the support of ANH- Germany, WHO,UNICEF,MSF-France and AMI medical services in Laghman and Kunar provinceal hospital were undertaken.Institute feeding programs were a;sp carried out in the mentioned hospital with the assistanceof WFP.

Medical services with the support of AMA-USA were undertaken by this agency in Nangarhar Children Hospital.Feeding projects and Mulnutrition Aid programs have also been implemented in the said hospital with funding from WFP.

Constraction: Many projects in various location of Afghanistan were undertaken:
- road repairing in Kunar,Laghman,Khost, Nangarhar, provinces;
- bidge constraction on the national highway between Jalalabad and Kabul;
- primary and high school constraction in Kunar,Lghman,Nooritan and Nangarhar provinces;
- constraction of healgh clinics in Paktia and Khost Provinces;
- repairing of Logar hospital,constraction of irrigation structures like water intakes and retaining
walls in Kunar and Laghman provinces;
- provision of potable drinking water in Sayed Karam/Paktia Province and many other projects which can not be included here.

Income Generation Projects: WFP support tailoring projects for woman in Jalalabad City,Nangarhar province, and the making of shopping bags in Gardez City of Paktia province.

Present Activities
Health: The AGHCO's Children's Hospital in Jalalabad is still supported by AMA-USA, WFP, WHO and UNICEF. A malnrtrition aid program for 500 malnourished children and a feeding program for in-patients, care takers and hospital staff is supported by WFP.Cash assistance is provided by AMA-USA and medicine by WHO and UNICEF.

Constraction: Ongoing profects included constraction of a village road in Tezin village, Sorobi district of Kabul province, funded by UNOPS; and rehabilitaion of Karezes in Mash village, Sayed Karam district of Pakktia province.

Future Plans
AGHCO would like to expand its services and acelerate its constraction/rehabilitation and health activities.

The agency is planning to start a micro-credit system to support women and provide them with opportunities in the livestock business.

Agriculture activities are also planned for the upcoming year.

Besides our health activities in the Nangarhar Children Hospital,a mine awareness program is under consideration for early next year in the said hospital.

According to the long experience of this agency in the health sector, it wants to run the Logar provincial Hospital in Pul-e-Alam.

AGHCO has also submitted many proposals in other sector like irrigation, water supply, income generation, construction,etc.

Afghan German Help Coordanition Office (AGHCO)is non-governmental, non-political and non profit organization established to assist in the rehabilitation of Afghanistan. AGHCO originated in 1991 from Afghanistan Nothilfe (ANH-Germany)which was founded in 1968. The main concern of this organization is too render humanatarian assistance too all Afghan with out any discriminition

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